How It WorksInformation about our bicycle rental service

On this page we give you a short explanation on the possibilities of the bicycle rentals Bici Uruguay offers.
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Renting a bike is very easy through the form on the website, or by contacting us directly by Telephone. We have a bike delivery service in the province of Rocha, and we have different types of bikes you can choose from, so take a look at the bicycles section to choose a bike you would like to rent. After you let us know what bike you would like to rent, also tell us your location so we can coordinate the delivery, if you wish.

It is important to know that at Bici Uruguay we offer you the possibility to rent a bike during the summer months in Uruguay:

  • October
  • November
  • December
  • January
  • Februay

In case you are interested in renting a bike outside of this period, please contact us about the possibilities.

Currently we rent out bikes for $12 USD per day.

*We require a deposit of 100 USD or a valid creditcard number.

Biciuruguay is the first bike-delivery service in Uruguay. We can deliver your bike at the following locations:

  • Punta del Diablo
  • Santa Teresa
  • Aguas Dulces
  • Cabo Polonio

Please specify in the request for which town you would be needing your bike and the type of bike you would like to rent. If you would like to collect the bike yourself, that is also possible at our office in Punta del Diablo.

For now, we offer bike rentals and delivery for the following regions:

  • Punta del Diablo
  • Santa Teresa
  • Aguas Dulces
  • Cabo Polonio

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case you need a bike for a different region.

Uruguay is a country that has nature and sustainability as first priorities. ‘Uruguay natural’ is a campaign to promote eco tourism in Uruguay, and there are measurements to make sure that nature areas are preserved, along the coast and in the interior.

We would like to make Uruguay the 2nd cycling country in the world, with dedicated bike paths along the entire country, ensuring that the country of Uruguay keeps their focus on nature as they do now, but with a slightly different appeal. We want to promote cycling along the entire Uruguayan coast.


Feel free to contact us with your inquiry and we will respond to you shortly.